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Written by Charles Abbey on July 07, 2023
Did you know that Elvis Presley lost about 70% of his estate and only about 30% went to his daught Lisa Marie Presley? Did yo know that it took about 3 years for Chadwik Bossman's (Black Panther and Wakanda Forever) estate to be settled? Probate court took about $1.5 million dollars out of his $3.8 million dollar estate.
A lot of immigrants and people living in the US do not know about probate court, estate taxes and other things that could potentially dissipate their hard earned money, estate and properties here in the US. It is your respponsibility to learn about these things and make sure your property goes to the right people...

Written by Charles Abbey  on July 08, 2023
We do so much only to see our kids finish school with lots of student debts, education used to be the pathway out of poverty and a road to success. 

But how many people are overburdened with student loans that they keep paying and still owe sometimes more than they even borrowed? So today what are you using to make sure that your kids go to college debt free? Are you using what the middle calss use of what the elite use? 

There are unique advantages of every plan and it is your responsibility to learn and implement the right strategy for you or your children...

Written by Charles Abbey on July 09, 2023
What portfolio do you have in place when that day comes when you arechronically ill, critically ill or terminally ill? Do you have an income replacement plan? 

Alot of people think that their company's disability insurance is enough but sadly it is not and when a situation happens they have to resort to gofundme. There are about 10,000 gofundme set up everyday, that is outstanding! A vast majority of them are our friends, siblings, colleagues but most of all our fellow africans. 

The is so disheartening because there are other options out there that guarantees help in dire situations instead of relying on the pity of strangers to help! People in the diaspora are getting gofundme invitations on the weekly and ...

Written by Charles Abbey on July 10, 2023
We live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, you can work hard all your life and still retire poor. 

Understanding how money works is part of taking care of your family and there is nobody more interested in your future you are! We all want a comfortable retirement plan but yet have no plan. 

Will you outlive your retirement funds and if it outlives you, how do you transfer it to your beneficiaries so they dont loose a significant portion to the 'system'? Does your portfolio for retirement have all it needs to provide you with a comfortable retirement or it depends...

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